Control Systems Faculty

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faculty photo Anastasopoulos, Achilleas
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Division: ECE
Address: 4411 EECS
Email: anastas @
Phone: (734) 615-4024
Research Interests: Resource allocation on networked systems with emphasis on analysis of dynamic games and mechanism design; Information theory with emphasis on fundamental QoS limits in multiuser environments; Communication theory with emphasis on design of capacity-achieving transmission schemes for noisy channels.
faculty photo Atkins, Ella M.
Professor, Aerospace Engineering
Professor (courtesy), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Division: CSE & ECE
Address: 3009 FXB
Email: ematkins @
Phone: (734) 615-7456
Research Interests: Task and motion planning algorithms to enable opportunistic, fault-tolerant autonomous aircraft and spacecraft flight management.