EECS "O" Faculty

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Maura Sile O'Modhrain
Division: CSE
Title: Associate Professor of Music, Theatre & Dance; Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Address: School of Music
Phone: 734-647-4459
Degree: PhD

Edwin Olson
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Division: CSE
Title: Assistant Professor
Address: 3737 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 647-1049
Fax: (734) 763-1260
Degree: PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Prof. Edwin Olson's interests focus on finding ways for robots to sense and understand their environment while coping with uncertainty and ambiguity. The perception problem is central to a variety of practical applications, from indoor robots that can lead tours or deliver mail to autonomous cars that can navigate urban environments. His work includes both fundamental algorithm research (optimization, state estimation, classification) and system building.
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence; Robotics and Computer Vision.
Areas of Specialty: Machine Learning; Robotics.

Necmiye Ozay
Division: ECE
Title: Assistant Professor
Address: 4229 EECS
Phone: 734-936-0269
Research Interests: Computational aspects of control system design; hybrid and cyber-physical systems; system identification and validation; dynamics-based data analysis
Research Areas: Control Systems; Robotics and Computer Vision.
Areas of Specialty: Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems; Embedded Control Systems; Nonlinear Control; Cyber-Physical Systems.

Total Faculty Listed: 3