Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Salimeh Yasaei Sekeh
Division: ECE
Title: Research Fellow ; LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Address: 4121 EECS
Phone: 734-763-5022
Degree: PhD
Research Interests: Machine Learning, information theory, Graphical Models, Statistical Learning Theory, Estimation and applied probability.
Research Areas: Signal & Image Processing and Machine Learning.

Jieping Ye
Division: CSE
Title: Associate Professor, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics; Associate Professor (courtesy), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Address: 2035 Palmer Commons

Euisik Yoon
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Division: ECE
Title: Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Professor (courtesy), Biomedical Engineering
Address: 2400 EECS
Phone: (734) 615-4469
Degree: Ph.D., University of Michigan
Research Interests: Integrated circuits and microsystems; BioMEMS and lab-on-chips; Implantable biomedical sensors; low-power mixed-mode circuits
Research Areas: MEMS and Microsystems; Integrated Circuits and VLSI.
Areas of Specialty: RF MEMS; Microfluidics and Gas/Chemical; Implantable Devices; MEMS Technology and Packaging; Analog Circuits; Data converters; Low power circuits; RF circuits; Sensing systems.