Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EECS "D" Faculty

Short List

Marcus Darden
Lecturer III
Division: CSE
Address: 2641 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 764-3643

Reetuparna Das
Assistant Research Scientist
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Division: CSE
Address: 3828 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 764-5367
Research Interests: Computer architecture, and its interaction with software systems and device/VLSI technologies. Specialized interests include on-chip interconnection networks, three-dimensional IC design, and multi-core memory systems.

Edward S Davidson
Professor Emeritus
Website: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~davidson
Division: CSE
Address: 2717 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 764-8517
Research Interests: Computer architecture, Parallel and pipelined computing, Performance modeling of computer systems

Jia Deng
Assistant Professor
Website: http://web.eecs.umich.edu/~jiadeng/
Division: CSE
Address: 3640 Beyster
Phone: 734-764-8517
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Human Computation, Image and Video Understanding, Big Visual Data.
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence; Robotics and Computer Vision.
Areas of Specialty: Machine Learning; Computer Vision.

Andrew W. DeOrio
Meet the Faculty Video
LEO Lecturer III
Website: http://www.andrewdeorio.com/
Division: CSE
Address: 2705 Beyster
Phone: 734-763-5867

Robert Dick
Associate Professor
Website: http://robertdick.org
Division: ECE
Address: 2417E EECS
Phone: (734) 763-3329
Research Interests: Embedded systems.
Research Areas: Computer Architecture; Computer-Aided Design and VLSI; Signal and Image Processing; Software Systems; Integrated Circuits and VLSI.
Areas of Specialty: Operating Systems and Distributed Systems; Embedded and Real-Time Systems; Application-Specific Architectures; Embedded, Networked, and Wireless Systems; Low Power Design; Electronic Design Automation; Reliabile Circuits and Systems; Physical Design; Test; Low-Power Circuits; Source Coding and Compression; Digital circuits; Energy harvesting; Low power circuits; Sensing systems; Mobile and Cloud Computing.

Tawanna Ruth Dillahunt
Assistant Professor, School of Information
Division: CSE
Address: 4340 North Quad
Phone: 734-647-8296

Mary Lou Dorf
Lecturer IV
Division: CSE
Address: 4636 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 615-9916
Research Interests: Engineering Education, women in engineering

Ron Dreslinski
Assistant Research Scientist
LEO Adjunct Assistant Professor
Website: http://web.eecs.umich.edu/~rdreslin/
Division: CSE
Address: 3828 Beyster Bldg
Phone: 734/764-2138

Edmund H Durfee
Website: http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/people/durfee/
Division: CSE
Address: 3745 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 936-1563
Research Interests: Multi-agent coordination and intelligent real-time systems
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence; Robotics and Computer Vision.
Areas of Specialty: Multiagent and Economic Systems; Constraint-based Reasoning; Assistive Technology; Robotics.

Prabal Dutta
Meet the Faculty Video
Morris Wellman Faculty Development Assistant Professor
Website: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~prabal/
Division: CSE
Address: 4773 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 647-8821
Research Areas: Computer Architecture; Software Systems.
Areas of Specialty: Computer Networks; Operating Systems and Distributed Systems; Embedded and Real-Time Systems; Embedded, Networked, and Wireless Systems.

Total Listed: 11