Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EECS "E" Faculty

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Jack R. East
Research Scientist Emeritus
Website: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~jeast
Division: ECE
Address: 2301 EECS
Phone: (734) 763-0212
Research Interests: Microwave, Millimeter-wave and VHS device modeling, Fabrication and evaluation
Research Areas: Solid-State Devices and Nanotechnology.

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Najme Ebrahimiseraji
Research Fellow
Division: ECE
Address: 1301 Beal Ave

Anthony W England
Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science, U-M Dearborn
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Professor (courtesy),Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering; Applied Physics
Website: http://web.eecs.umich.edu/faculty/england
Division: ECE
Address: 2527A SRB
Phone: (734) 763-4849
Research Interests: Radiative transfer and microwave radiometry.
Research Areas: Applied Electromagnetics and RF Circuits.
Areas of Specialty: Radio Frequency (RF), Microwave, and Millimeter-wave Circuits; Remote Sensing; Computational Electromagnetics; Advanced Electromagnetic Materials for RF and Microwave Applications; Antennas; Wave Propagation; Space Plasma Electro-Dynamics.

Roya Ensafi
Research Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Website: http://ensa.fi/
Division: CSE
Address: 4745 Beyster
Phone: 734-764-3184
Research Interests: Computer and network security, surveillance and censorship measurement, privacy and tech policy.
Research Areas: Secure, Trustworthy, and Reliable Systems; Networking, Operating Systems, and Distributed Systems.

Bogdan Epureanu
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Professor (courtesy), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Division: ECE
Address: 3650 G G Brown
Phone: (734) 647-6391
Research Interests: Research focuses on biological and epidemiological systems, aerospace and automotive structures, and turbomachinery.

Ryan M. Eustice
Associate Professor, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Associate Professor (courtesy), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Website: http://www.umich.edu/~eustice
Division: CSE
Address: 204 NAME Building
Phone: (734) 647-9411
Research Interests: Theoretical and experimental research in probabilistic robotics for large-scale mapping and navigation. Specific topics include vision-based simultaneous localization and mapping, underwater computer vision and image processing, data fusion, underwater vehicle navigation, and autonomous vehicles.
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence; Robotics and Autonomous Systems; Robotics in CSE.

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