Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

CSE "H" Faculty

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J. Alex Halderman
Meet the Faculty Video
Morris Wellman Faculty Development Professor
Associate Professor
Website: http://www.cse.umich.edu/~jhalderm/
Division: CSE
Address: 4717 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (609) 558-2312
Research Interests: Computer security, electronic voting, digital rights management, information privacy, and tech policy.
Research Areas: Software Systems.
Areas of Specialty: Security and Privacy.

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Kyu Suk Han
Research Fellow, CSE
Division: CSE
Address: 4817 Beyster
Phone: (734) 763-3672

John P. Hayes
Claude E. Shannon Professor of Engineering Science
Website: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~jhayes
Division: CSE & ECE
Address: 4713 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 763-0386
Research Interests: Computer-aided design and testing, Computer architecture, Fault-tolerant design, VLSI circuits, Quantum computing.
Research Areas: Computer Architecture; Computer-Aided Design and VLSI; Quantum Science and Devices; Theory of Computation.
Areas of Specialty: Electronic Design Automation; Reliabile Circuits and Systems; Quantum Information Processing; Logic Synthesis; Design Verification and Validation; Test; Quantum Design Automation; Quantum Information Processing (Computer Architecture); Verification, Testing and Physical Design; VLSI Design.

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Liang He
Research Fellow
Division: CSE
Address: 4956 Beyster Bldg
Phone: 734-763-4138

Alfred O. Hero
Meet the Faculty Video
R. Jamison and Betty Williams Professor of Engineering
Professor, EECS
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Statistics (courtesy)
Website: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~hero/
Division: ECE & CSE
Address: 4417 EECS
Phone: (734) 763-0564
Research Interests: Statistical signal and image processing.
Research Areas: Signal and Image Processing; Robotics and Computer Vision.
Areas of Specialty: Computational Imaging and Inverse Problems; Statistical Estimation and Learning; Signal Processing for Sensing and Sensor Networks; Machine Learning.

Matthew Hicks
Research Fellow
Division: CSE
Address: 4670 Beyster
Phone: NA

John H. Holland
Professor, Psychology Department
Division: CSE
Address: 1255 East Hall
Phone: (734) 763-3648

Peter Honeyman
Research Professor and Lecturer
Website: http://www.citi.umich.edu/u/honey/
Division: CSE
Address: 4777 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 763-1156
Research Interests: Experimental distributed systems
Research Areas: Software Systems.
Areas of Specialty: Security and Privacy; Storage Systems.

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