Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

CSE "T" Faculty

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Lingjia Tang
Division: CSE
Title: Assistant Professor
Address: 4609 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: 734-763-2548
Degree: PhD, Computer Science, Univ. Virginia, 2012
Research Interests: Computer architecture and compiler and runtime systems, especially such systems for large scale data centers.
Research Areas: Computer Architecture; Software Systems.

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Matus Telgarsky
Division: CSE
Title: Research Fellow
Address: 4817 Beyster
Phone: 734-763-3302
Degree: PhD

Demosthenis Teneketzis
Division: ECE & CSE
Title: Professor
Address: 4413 EECS
Phone: (734) 763-0598
Fax: (734) 763-8041
Degree: Ph.D. MIT
Research Interests: Stochastic control, decentralized stochastic systems, communication and queueing networks, stochastic scheduling and resource allocation problems, discrete event systems, mathematical economics
Research Areas: Communications; Control Systems.
Areas of Specialty: Communication Networks and Multi-Agent Systems; Information Theory; Random Processes; Wireless Communication Systems; Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems; Stochastic Control; Cyber-Physical Systems.

Toby Teorey
Division: CSE
Title: Professor Emeritus
Address: 3640 EECS
Phone: (734) 763-8154
Fax: (734) 763-1503
Degree: Ph.D. U-Wisconsin
Research Interests: Database design and data warehousing, OLAP, data mining, performance of computer systems.

Ambuj Tewari
Division: CSE
Title: Assistant Professor, Statistics; Assistant Professor, EECS
Address: 454 West Hall
Phone: 734-615-0928
Degree: PhD 2007, University of California, Berkeley

Richmond H. Thomason
Division: CSE
Title: Professor, Linguistics; Professor, Philosophy; Professor
Address: 2251 Angell Hall
Degree: Ph.D. Yale
Research Interests: Logic in Artifical Intelligence, Computational LInguistics, especially Natural Language Generation

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