Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Igor Markov

Division: CSE
Title: Professor
Address: 4749 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 936-7829
Fax: (734) 763-1503
Degree: Ph.D. Univeristy of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: Electronic Design Automation: Floorplanning, Placement and Routing, Logic and Physical Synthesis, Formal Verification. Quantum Design Automation: Synthesis and Simulation of quantum circuits. Algorithms for search and optimization: Boolean SATisfiability, block packing, hypergraph partitioning.
Research Areas: Computer Architecture; Computer-Aided Design and VLSI; Quantum Science and Devices; Theory of Computation.
Areas of Specialty: Electronic Design Automation; Reliabile Circuits and Systems; Quantum Information Processing; Physical Design; Logic Synthesis; Design Verification and Validation; Test; Quantum Design Automation; Quantum Information Processing (Computer Architecture); Quantum Information Processing (Theory); Verification, Testing and Physical Design; VLSI Design.