Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mark J. Kushner

Division: ECE
Title: George I. Haddad Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Director, Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering; Professor, EECS, NERS, Chemical Eng, and Applied Physics
Address: 2236 EECS
Phone: (734) 647-8148
Degree: Ph.D. California Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Plasma science and technology: materials processing, propulsion, lasers, electromagnetics, plasma chemistry, microelectronics/MEMS fabrication, polymer funtionalization, biocompatibility
Research Areas: Applied Electromagnetics; MEMS and Microsystems; Optics and Photonics; Quantum Science and Devices; Integrated Circuits and VLSI; Plasma Science and Engineering; Energy Science and Engineering.
Areas of Specialty: Computational Electromagnetics; Microfluidics and Gas/Chemical; MEMS Technology and Packaging; Optoelectronics; Plasma Fabrication and Plasma Based MEMS Devices; Plasma Materials Processing of Microelectronics; Plasma Science and Engineering; Solid-State Energy Conversion Technologies; Plasma Science & Engineering.
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