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Winter 2011: Introduction to Machine Learning

Term: Winter 2011
Course No.: 498-002
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Satinder Singh
Prerequisites: EECS 281 (or EECS 203, substantial programming experience, & permission of instructor)

Note: this course satisfies an Upper-Level Comp. Sci. Elective

Course Description:
Making sense of data, whether it comes from commercial settings like Twitter or from scientific experiments in a research laboratory, is a problem of great interest to society. Machine learning approaches help us classify, cluster, display, predict, and decide how to act based on data.

In this course, we will learn about and program machine learning algorithms and evaluate them on data from twitter feeds, flickr feeds, video, blogs, as well as scientific data. Some familiarity with C++ or Java will be helpful for we will use Weka (machine learning) libraries as well as Processing libraries in our assignments.