CSE News Story

Fall 2011: 498: Mobile Learning in K-12

Course No.: 498-007
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Elliot Soloway

Course Description:
Henceforth, the youth of the world will learn using the device that is already squarely in the palm of their hand: their mobile phone. However, software is needed in order to make that ubiquitous device functional in a classroom be it online or face-to-face. In this special topics course, then, I propose to direct students in creating the mobile learning environment a software-based environment that students can use for learning. Initially, the focus for that environment will be a primary school in Singapore: Nan Chiau Primary School. That is, the software that the UMich students produce will be used by teachers and students at NCPS during the 2012 school year. In fact, funds will be available to support some students going to Singapore to work with the teachers and students who will use their software! The platform at NCPS will be Windows Phone 7 and thus apps need to be written that support teaching and learning by primary school children.

During the course we will learn enough about learning theory to guide the development of the software. We will also learn enough about school operations in Singapore to guide the installation of the software into NCPS. This 498 will run for 2 semesters: Fall 2011, Winter 2012. But, a student need not necessarily sign up and take both semesters.

This 498 affords UMich students a rare opportunity: the fruits of the students' labor will be put to use immediately by children in Singapore!
Lectures: MW 12:30 -2