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Winter 2012: Autonomous Robotics Laboratory

Course No.: EECS 498
Credit Hours: 4
Instructor: Ed Olson
Prerequisites: EECS 281 or instructor permission

Course Description:
This course will provide students with essential theoreticalbackground and hands-on experience in central topics inrobotics. These include: kinematics, inverse kinematics,sensors and sensor processing, and motion planning. Teamsof students will explore these subjects through a series ofchallenge-themed laboratory exercises. Successful studentswill develop a pragmatic understanding of both theoreticalprinciples and real-world issues, enabling them to designand program robotic systems incorporating sensing,planning, and acting.

We explore these topics from a computer scienceperspective, but we will also cover critical robotics topicsthat are often omitted from computer science curricula.These may include, for example, electrical circuits, controlsystems, Kalman filters, mechanics, and dynamics.Specialized computer science topics such as embeddedsystems programming, real time operating systems, artificialintelligence, etc., may also make appearances. Nobackground is assumed in these areas.

The course is intended for upper-level computer scienceundergraduates, though any one with the appropriatebackground is welcome.
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