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Winter 2013: EECS 598-002: Terahertz Technology & Applications

Course No.: EECS 598-002
Credit Hours: 3 credits
Instructor: Mona Jarrahi
Prerequisites: EECS 320 and (330 or 334)

Course Description:
This course will provide graduate students with an overview on the unique specifications of terahertz waves and potential applications as well as the state of the current terahertz systems and the major technological challenges in the field. The topics covered in this course are THz Detectors (single-photon detectors, microbolometers, Golay cells, Pyroelectric detectors, diode detectors, and focal-plane arrays), THz Sources (vacuum-electronics-based, semiconductor-based, photoconduction-based and nonlinearity-based), THz electronic components (waveguides, Metamaterials, filters and modulators), sensing with THz radiation (THz spectroscopy, imaging and tomography), and THz applications (biology, medicine, space sciences, pharmaceutical industry, security and communications).
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