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Winter 2013: EECS 598-005 Waves and Imaging in Random Media

Course No.: EECS 598-005
Credit Hours: 3 credits
Instructor: John Schotland
Prerequisites: Basic partial differential equations and some knowledge of probability theory

Course Description:
(Course is cross-listed with MATH 651)

This is a special topics course. The focus is on the theory of wave propagation in inhomogeneous media in various asymptotic regimes including: (i) geometrical optics of high frequency waves (ii) homogenization of low-frequency waves in periodic and random media (iii) radiative transport and diusion theory for high-frequency waves in low-frequency random media. Applications to inverse problems in imaging will be considered. The necessary tools from asymptotic analysis, scattering theory and probability will be developed as needed. The course is meant to be accessible to graduate students in mathematics, physics and engineering.
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