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Fall 2013: EECS 598 Electricity Networks and Markets

Course No.: EECS 598
Credit Hours: 3 credits
Instructor: Ian Hiskens
Prerequisites: EECS 463 or permission of instructor

Course Description:
This course covers the principles and practices that underpin reliable and economical operation of power systems. Power system networks and modeling will be discussed, and an overview of closed-loop controls and basic stability concepts will be provided. System control centres will be considered, primarily in terms of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and energy management system (EMS) requirements. Power system state estimation will be presented, along with techniques for on-line evaluation of system reliability. The course will investigate optimal generation scheduling and dispatch, including unit commitment, economic dispatch, optimal power flow, and automatic generation control (AGC). Electricity market structures and mechanisms will be presented, with consideration given to the roles of day-ahead and real-time markets, energy and capacity markets, bilateral trading, and markets for ancillary services. The issues that arise from trading over transmission networks will be considered. A comparison of various markets, including MISO, PJM, AEMO, and the failed Californian market will be undertaken. Issues arising from the variability and uncontrollability of renewable generation will be explored.
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