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EECS398-1: Data Structures, Algorithms, and Advanced Applications

Prereq: EECS 203, 280, and strong programming background. Can be used in lieu of EECS 281 to satisfy the CS (both CoE and LSA) degree requirement and cannot be taken for credit along with EECS 281. (4 credits)

An intensive coverage of EECS 281 material, supplemented with more advanced data structures and algorithms used in practical applications such as text compression, textual search, predictive input, one-way hash functions, etc. Potential advanced data structures covered include skip list, splay tree, calendar queue, bloom filter, quad-tree, and others. Emphasis placed on practical applications of these algorithms and data structures. Several fairly specific and well-defined programming problems assigned. Students are assumed to have strong programming background.

The workload for this course is intended to be about the same as for EECS 281. For more information on workload and grading policy please visit the course web site listed above. [Full Story]