CSE News Story

Computer Games Showcase

Saturday, Dec. 18, the students in this semester's EECS 494class, Computer Game Design and Development, displayed their term projectsto the public in the Duderstadt Center.

Nearly 200 people attended, and had agreat time trying out the games that the students had developed. Bothsingle-player and multi-player games were presented. Along with the chanceto play new and innovative games and enjoy refreshments, the eveningincluded a raffle of computer games donated by Electronic Arts andMicrosoft.

Attendees voted on the best games, and the winners, shown above, were:

1. Puck Off: A frantic multiplayer party game where the winner is the firstto clear their area of pucks.
Kevin Cheng, Toby Long, Andrew Roskamp

2. Road to Victory: A full 3D third person team game based on UnrealTournament. Attendees were stunned!
Nuttapong Chentanez, Galen Elias, Arthur Tomlin

3. Dodgem3D: A multiplayer game where players attempt to collect balls,shoot them at their opponents, and avoid perils in the many levels.
James Allen, Nathaniel Hramits, Nicholas Piegdon

All of the games are available free fromhttp://www.eecs.umich.edu/~soar/Classes/494/showcase-2004/Games.htm.

The instructors for this course were Prof. John Laird and Prof. Sugih Jamin.