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St. George's Day Returns - Student Appreciation Day

The EECS Department revived St. George's Day April 18, 2005, when EECS faculty served lunch to approx. 800 EECS students.

St. George's Day was started in 1987, when the department first moved to North Campus from downtown. Itís our way of saying thanks to all of our students, and is held on the last Monday of classes in the Winter term.

St. George was a real person, born in Turkey 270 AD, who was put to death April 23, 303 for his efforts on behalf of religious freedom. Over the next 1000 years, many miracles and legends became ascribed to him, including the famous slaying of the dragon, hence the dragons on the aprons. He was made Patron Saint of England around the year 1400, and after the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, St. Georgeís Day became a day of feasting.

The Faculty wish our graduating students the best - stay in touch! For those students still in the program, hang in there, your efforts will be rewarded!

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