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Term: Fall 2006
Course No.: EECS 509
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Michel Maharbiz
Day & Time: MW 10:30AM -12PM

Course Description:
This course will cover the latest advances in bioMEMS, with specific attention to microsystems targeting developmental biology and cell culture. We will use an organism's development --from genome to multicellular tissue-- as a framework for teaching bioMEMS devices: from microPCR chips to microfluidic mixers to tissue scaffolds. The aim is to provide students familiar with microfabrication and microsystems with a context from which to view and evaluate bioMEMS devices and innovations. We will cover implantable and diagnostic microsystems in the latter part of the course. The course will consist of lectures followed by in-class paper review and discussion led by students: the bulk of the technology will be presented through published literature. Critical evaluation of publications will be demanded. A principal component of the grade will be a written NSF or NIH exploratory proposal, to be due at the conclusion of the course.