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EECS 498-005: Introduction to Quantum and Statistical Mechanics for Engineers

Term: FA09
Course No.: 498 Lec 005
Credit Hours: 4
Instructor: Fred Terry
Prerequisites: EECS (320 or 330 or 334), or graduate standing, or permission of the instructor

Course Description:
Modern electronic and optoelectronic devices are built using nanometer-scale structures. Both the properties of the materials and the physics of the devices themselves are governed by quantum mechanics. Understanding the behavior of these devices at temperature above 0K requires a baseline understanding of statistical mechanics (thermodynamics). This course will cover concepts in elementary quantum mechanics and statistical physics, introduces applied quantum physics, and emphasizes an experimental basis for quantum mechanics. Concepts covered will include: Schrodinger's equation applied to the free particle, tunneling, the harmonic oscillator, and hydrogen atom, variational methods, Fermi-Dirac, Bose-Einstein, and Boltzmann distribution functions, and simple models for metals, semiconductors, and devices. The class is intended for senior and first year graduate students in electrical engineering or closely related fields who have not had a substantial prior introduction to these topics (such as Physics 453 and 406).