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Autonomous Robotics Laboratory

Term: Fall 2010
Course No.: EECS 498-006
Credit Hours: 4
Instructor: Ed Olson
Prerequisites: EECS 281 (or permission of instructor)

Course Description:
Want to learn how to program smart robots? Take EECS 498-006: Autonomous Robotics Laboratory!

**498 is approved as an upper level elective for CS and CE students, and as a flexible technical elective for EE students.**

The prerequisite is EECS 281, though permission will generally be granted to students with 280 and either 373 or 461. Register early; the class is likely to fill up quickly.

A highlights video from last term is available here:

You can also view last term's website:

Course Objective

This course will provide students with essential theoretical background and hands-on experience in central topics in robotics. These include: kinematics, inverse kinematics, sensors and sensor processing, and motion planning. Teams of students will explore these subjects through a series of challenge-themed laboratory exercises. Successful students will develop a pragmatic understanding of both theoretical principles and real-world issues, enabling them to design and program robotic systems incorporating sensing, planning, and acting.

We explore these topics from a computer science perspective, but we will also cover critical robotics topics that are often omitted from computer science curricula. These may include, for example, electrical circuits, control systems, Kalman filters, mechanics, and dynamics. Specialized computer science topics such as embedded systems programming, real time operating systems, artificial intelligence, etc., may also make appearances. No background is assumed in these areas.

The course is intended for upper-level computer science undergraduates, though any one with the appropriate background is welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Prof. Olson, but please check the wiki first!

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