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Winter 2011: EECS 598-003: Advanced Topics in Analog ICs

Course No.: 598
Credit Hours: 4
Instructor: David Wentzloff, Michael Flynn
Prerequisites: EECS 413 and Co-requisite EECS 522

Course Description:
Meets TTH 1:30-3:30

This course will cover design and analysis of advanced analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, beyond what is covered in EECS 511 and 522. The first half of this course will be lecture based, with lectures covering topics in analog and RF integrated circuits including the design of complete RF systems, analog and all-digital phase-locked loops, serial links, clock and data recovery circuits, and Gm-C filters. Students will complete problem sets and small projects relevant to the lecture material. During the second half of the course students will survey relevant papers from leading IC conferences and journals and will present a summary of an assigned paper to the class.