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Fall 2011: Auditory Displays and Interfaces

Course No.: EECS 498-005
Credit Hours: 4
Instructor: Wakefield
Prerequisites: EECS 281 or GUI programming proficiency in Matlab

Course Description:
From the honking of a car horn to the immersion of 3-D audio, sound is used to display information to users as well as to support a user's exploration of alternative (virtual) realities. Auditory Displays and Interfaces introduces key concepts in human-computer interfaces, acoustics, signal processing, auditory perception, and psychometric theory which are important in the design and performance characterization of sonic user interfaces (SUIs). A particular SUI development platform (written in Matlab) is presented and used throughout the course to support each of the concepts taught through programming exercises. Student performance is assessed on the basis of homework/small programming projects, exams, and an individual project.