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Fall 2011: Radio Frequency MEMS

Course No.: EECS 598-001
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Mina Rais-Zadeh
Prerequisites: EECS 414 (introduction to MEMS) or permission of the instructor

Course Description:
* Introduction to RF and RF MEMS* Overview of MEMS processing, both silicon and non-silicon based* Design and high-frequency modeling of MEMS structures using HFSS* Electrostatic, piezoelectric and magnetic actuation for RF MEMS*Reconfigurable architectures- Technology trends* Semester-long team project on a topic related to course material

Micro-electromechanical devices and systems (MEMS) can greatly enhance the performance of RF integrated circuit as they can operate with much lower power in a smaller size compared to their integrated counterparts. This course covers the operation principle, design, fabrication, and technology trend of high-frequency micromechanical devices with focus on those most used for communication application. Devices and systems covered in this course include resonators, switches, filters, phase-shifters, tunable passives, and reconfigurable modules. The need for high-Q devices will be explained in detail and the physical phenomena that limit the performance and scaling of RF MEMS will be discussed. In addition, students will learn about accurate modeling of MEMS in electrical domain, transduction mechanism commonly used in MEMS, and design techniques used to achieve high performance (high power handling, high linearity, low-loss, etc).
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