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Fall 2012: EECS 598 FMMs and Integral Equation Solvers

Course No.: EECS 598-003
Credit Hours: 3 credits
Instructor: Eric Michielssen
Prerequisites: EECS 530 or instructor permission

Course Description:
This course focuses on integral equation methods for solving the classical partial differentialequations of mathematical physics along with fast algorithms that effect their iterative solution. Our focuswill be fast (multipole) algorithms for low-rank-under-compression kernels (e.g. Poisson), and Greenfunctions for the Helmholtz and time-dependent wave equations (including their Maxwell equationextensions). Additional topics include FFT and Butterfly-accelerated solvers, and recent developments indirect solvers. At the end of the course, students should be able to comfortably read current fast algorithmliterature and use fast multipole constructs in their own research.
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