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Winter 2013: EECS 598-008 Medical Device Security

Course No.: EECS 598-008
Credit Hours: 3 credits
Instructor: Kevin Fu
Prerequisites: Graduate standing or permission of instructor

Course Description:
This course teaches students the engineering concepts and skills for creating more trustworthy software-based medical devices ranging from pacemakers to radiation planning software to mobile medical apps. Topics span computer engineering, human factors, and regulatory policy. Students will master technical skills in reverse engineering, static analysis, fuzz testing, hazard analysis, validation, requirements engineering, radio-frequency communication, physiological sensing, and fundamental concepts from system engineering that lead to safer and more effective medical devices that are increasingly interconnected and wirelessly controlled.

Students will apply the newly learned concepts and skills by analyzing the security of a real-world medical device in a hands-on term project. Interdisciplinary teams will consist of students from complementary backgrounds to mimic the composition of teams at medical device manufacturers and regulatory bodies. Occasional guest speakers from medical device manufacturers, hospitals, and government will complement the classroom activities with critical lessons from the front lines.
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