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EECS 598: Societal Impact of Microsystems

Fall 2004: Societal Impact of Microsystems Offered as EECS 598, Section 6 (K. D. Wise) This course offers a look at the challenges our global society will face during the next fifty years and how microsystems can help meet them. Classes will consist of lectures by invited speakers followed by discussion. The course will examine issues such as the population explosion and its expected impacts on energy consumption, pollution, and global warming. Developments in transportation, health care, space exploration, information technology, and homeland security will also be considered along with engineering ethics. This is a course every graduate should take because creative engineering is the only way we will meet these challenges, and they must be met. 2 credits, Graded, Th. 3:30 - 5:30pm, Chrysler Room 151 Prerequisite: Graduate Standing in Engineering.