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Winter 2014: EECS 498-001 Retrieval and Web Search

Course No.: EECS 498-001
Credit Hours: 3 credits
Instructor: Rada Mihalcea
Prerequisites: EECS 216, EECS 401 and EECS 451

Course Description:
This course will cover traditional material, as well as recent advances in Information Retrieval (IR), the study of indexing, processing, querying, and classifying data. Basic retrieval models, algorithms, and IR system implementations will be covered. While the course will primarily focus on IR techniques for textual data, it will also address IR for other media, including images/videos, music/audit files, and geospatial information.

The course will also address topics in Web search, including Web crawling, link analysis, search engine development, social media, and crowd sourcing. Throughout the course, there will be two or three invited lectures from people working at major companies in the field (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter).
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