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W05,EECS 598-2: Circuits and Architectures for Wireless Applications

Term: Winter 05
Course#: 598-2
Instructor: Ranjit Gharpurey
Credit hours: 4
Schedule: MW 10:30AM-12:30PM
Prerequisites: Required EECS 413 or equivalent.

Course Description:
This course will cover design and implementation issues in physical layer architectures for wireless applications at the RF/analog and mixed-signal levels. The course will begin with an introduction to impairments in physical layers such as noise and distortion.  An overview of specialized circuits employed in wireless systems and their relevant metrics will be provided. The discussion will include a description of transceivers from RF to baseband and PLL architectures. The emphasis will be on integrated solutions in CMOS/Bipolar/BiCMOS technologies. This will cover popular implementations such as direct-conversion, low-IF, heterodyne, polar etc. Choice of architectures, technology trade-offs and partitioning issues between analog and digital sections will be considered.  The discussion will use case studies from several narrow-band (such as cellular and WLAN)  and also emerging broadband wireless systems.