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EECS 598(002)-Introduction to Nanoelectronics

Term: Fall 2005
Course #: EECS 598-002
Instructor: Wei Lu, (
Title : Introduction to Nanoelectronics
Prerequisites : EECS 320 (or equivalent) and Graduate Standing
Credit hours: 4
Days & Times: TTH 10:30-12
Course Details: Introduction to Nanoelectronics This course will be carried out in a series of lectures covering recent advances in nanoscale science and technology, with emphasis on nanoelectronics. In the first half of the course, we will have an overview of the novel properties and device structures when classical transport is replaced by quantum transport as the device size is reduced down to nanometer scale, as well as new fabrication and characterization techniques developed for these nanoscale devices. In the second half, we will study in detail several systems which have emerged as the leading candidates to drive the state of the art in future electronics. Such systems include single electron devices, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanowires and molecular electronics. We will also briefly explore approaches alternative to electronics, such as spintronics and quantum computing.

prerequisite: Basic familiarity with quantum mechanics and solid state physics at the level of undergraduate courses.