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Fawwaz Ulaby Awarded the 2006 IEEE Edison Medal

Professor Fawwaz Ulaby was recently selected to receive the 2006 IEEE Edison Medal. This is one of the most prestigious of IEEE medals, and is given to individuals for a career of meritorious achievement in electrical science, electrical engineering or the electrical arts. Ulaby will receive a gold medal and a certificate with the citation: For pioneering research in microwave and radar remote sensing technology and their environmental and industrial applications. He shares the honor of this award with many famous scientists, inventors, and innovators such as Charles F. Kettering, John D. Kraus, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, George Westinghouse - and two EECS William Gould Dow Lecturers, James L. Flanagan and Robert W. Lucky.

Ulaby is the R. Jamison and Betty Williams Professor, Vice-President of Research, and is a member of the Radiation Laboratory in EECS. He will return to full time research and teaching January 2006.
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