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EECS 598-001, Electromagnetic Metamaterials

Term: Fall 2006
Course No. EECS 598 -001
Instructor: Tony Grbic
Topic: Electromagnetic Metamaterials
Prerequisites: EECS 330 or equivalent
Time: TTH 10:30-12
Room: EECS 3427

Course Description:
This course will cover engineered structures possessing tailored electromagnetic properties, or properties that are difficult to achieve using conventional materials. The course material will include classical microwave structures like periodically loaded transmission lines and waveguides, corrugated surfaces, wire arrays, and more recent examples such as high impedance surfaces, electromagnetic bandgap structures, negative refractive index and artificial magnetic media. Photonic structures such as photonic bandgap materials and metal-dielectric plasmonic structures will also be touched upon. The course will allow graduate students to develop an intuitive feel for the electromagnetic response of various structures through exact and approximate methods. Effective medium theories will be developed for those structures operating in the long wavelength regime, and distributed circuit concepts utilized to gain understanding.