ECE News Story

Lora Schulwitz Awarded 2nd Place at IMS'06 Student Paper Competition

Lora Schulwitz, doctoral candidate in Electrical Engineering, was awarded 2nd place in the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2006 Student Paper Competition. This year, 169 papers were submitted, and prizes were awarded for the 6 top papers, and 4 honorable mentions. The paper, "A New Low Loss Rotman Lens Design for Multibeam Phased Arrays," was co-authored by her advisor, Prof. Amir Mortazawi.

Lora's research involves the development of new phased array architectures for compact high resolution radar systems. In particular, she has recently developed a new design methodology for reduced losses in Rotman lens beamforming components, which will lead to less circuit complexity and a longer range for radar systems. This lens based beamforming component is entirely passive, and therefore inexpensive, which should prove to be useful for future automotive radar systems, as well as portable radar systems for unmanned ground and unmanned air vehicles.

Lora has served as co-chair of the Industry Relations Committee for the IEEE Student Society, co-chair of the Radiation Laboratory Graduate Student Committee, and is currently secretary for the U-M Amateur Radio Club (ARC). She also serves as co-chair of the U-M ARC fundraising committee. She has served as a mentor to high school students, and undergraduate students.