ECE News Story

Koen van Caekenberghe Receives IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship Award

Koen van Caekenberghe, doctoral candidate in Electrical Engineering, received a 2006 IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship Award. The award was presented at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) on June 14, 2006. Fellowship awards are presented to outstanding graduate students in the area of microwave and RF technologies.

Koen's research involves design, microfabrication and measurement of RF MEMS based microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and antennas, primarily for radar sensors. He is currently working on several projects: an X-band high power differential duplexer, and a Ka-band true time delay (TTD) passive electronically scanned array (ESA), a T/R module and a 2-bit reconfigurable slot antenna. All devices are based on capacitive fixed-fixed beam RF MEMS switches, switched capacitors and varactors. His advisor is Prof. Kamal Sarabandi.