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Seminar on Mobile Computing Projects

Term: winter, 2006
Course No.: 498
Credit Hours: 4
Instructor: Soloway
Prerequisites: permission of the instructor

Course Description:
It is inevitable that all computing will be mobile. Jeff Hawkins, Inventor of the Palm Pilot, 1991The Wii's controller is the new mouse. Somebody said that. In this seminar we will explore the emerging space of mobile computing efforts, from cellphones to portable gaming consoles, from PDA's to smart appliances. We will analyze existing systems in order to develop a framework for the design of new systems. In 498, then, we will form teams of three, to design and prototype mobile computing systems. Projects will be developed by the student teams or projects will be provided by the instructor. Following the discipline developed in 481 and 497, teams will develop SRS and SDS documents. Class presentations will also be made.