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Industry Sponsored Scholarships Awarded

Congratulations to the following students who received industry-sponsored scholarships:

Katherine Bouman (EE): Boeing $7000
Lauren Bridge (CE): Lockheed Martin $5000
Nathaniel Christman (CSE): Caterpillar $2500
Nicholas Collins (EE): Caterpillar $2500
Tanya Das (EE): Boeing $7000
Nicole Dolan (CE): Qualcomm $5000
Harold Evans (EE): Qualcomm $5000
Jeff Hayden (CE): Boeing $7000
Akram Helou (CSE): Eli Lilly $5,000
Trevor Hunter (EE): John Deere $5000
Kunal Jham (CE): Caterpillar $2500
Janet John (EE): Boeing $7000
Kevin Matzen (CSE): Lockheed Martin $5000
Kelsey MacLennan (CE): Boeing $7000
Paul Moncznik (CSE): Union Pacific $2500
Marie Pelvay (EE): Union Pacific $2500

Awards were determined by the College of Engineering Industry Sponsored Scholarship Committee. Students interested in learning more about these scholarships should contact the Undergraduate Advising Office.
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