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Performance Systems Building a Mobile Phone Ensemble

Term: Fall 2009
Course No.: 498-007/598-001
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Georg Essl
Prerequisites: EECS 280 (required), HCI, Graphics, Multimedia, PAT courses (optional)

Course Description:
This course introduces the students to the process of setting up, coding for and performing in a mobile phone ensemble. The students will learn how to program mobile phones to be able to interactively play synthesis algorithms on them, as well as engage with the sensory capabilities of the device to harness their interactive capabilities. We will also engage with the technical limitation of the devices and explore technological ways to overcome these short-coming. The goal of the class is to teach the process of building a new performance system from scratch by moving from setting up infrastructure to ultimately playing live, ensemble-based music with mobile phones and the class closes with performances created by the students for the ensemble they created.

Target audience: Upper-class undergraduate and/or entering graduate students in PAT, EECS, and related fields
Lectures: TTH 4-5:30 PM