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Kuipers, Benjamin:

How Can We Trust a Robot?

This article by Prof. Benjamin Kuipers is featured in the March 2018 Communications of the ACM. Prof. Kuipers discusses how advances in artificial intelligence and robotics have raised concerns about the impact on our society of intelligent robots, unconstrained by morality or ethics. Includes a video interview with Prof. Kuipers. [Full Story]
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Do Robots Deserve Human Rights?

In this article, Discover reached out to experts in artificial intelligence, computer science and human rights to shed light on whether or not robots should be given human rights. Prof. Kuipers talks about why robots do not deserve the same rights as humans. [Full Story]
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How Powerful AI Technology Can Lead to Unforeseen Disasters

This article reports on a panel discussion on AI ethics and education hosted by the Future of Life Institute. Panelist Prof. Benjamin Kuipers notes that the small decisions that robots make on their own can cause trouble because human programmers may fail to take all of a robot's possible choices into account. [Full Story]
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Researchers Seek to Help the Disabled with Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair

Prof. Ben Kuipers, CSE graduate student Collin Johnson, and researcher Dr. Jong Jin Park have created Vulcan, an intelligent robotic wheelchair. Vulcan learns the spatial structure of the environment it moves through and it uses that knowledge to plan and follow routes from place to place. Robotic wheelchairs will benefit people who need a wheelchair, but are unable to use one because of multiple disabilities. [Full Story]
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EECS Research Highlighted at 2016 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference

The University of Michigan was host to the 2016 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference, which took place June 18-22. The conference, which was co-chaired by Prof. Edwin Olson and Prof. Ryan Eustice, brought together researchers working on algorithmic or mathematical foundations of robotics, robotics applications, and analysis of robotic systems. The event gave attendees the opportunity to see the best research in all areas of robotics, as well as, attend invited talks, oral and interactive presentations of refereed papers, workshops, tutorials, and lab presentations. [Full Story]
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Beyond Asimov: How to Plan for Ethical Robots

In The Converstation, Prof. Ben Kuipers discusses the moral and ethical guidelines we should give robots as they soon will be a part of our daily lives. He delves into past moral rules and the complex situation of guiding robot behavior in our society. [Full Story]
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Three Faculty Selected for 2015 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards

The EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards are presented annually to faculty members for their outstanding accomplishments in teaching, research, and service. The recipients of the 2015 EECS Outstanding Achievement Award are Benjamin Kuipers, Stephen Rand, and David Wentzloff. [Full Story]
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Benjamin Kuipers Named AAAS Fellow

Prof. Benjamin Kuipers has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for his "distinguished contributions to artificial intelligence and robotics, particularly on the representation and effective use of incomplete knowledge of space and of dynamic physical mechanisms." [Full Story]
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CSE Research is Highlighted at Michigan Robotics Day

On Monday, April 9, CSE faculty and graduate student researchers displayed some of their projects at Michigan Robotics Day, which showcases regional robotics capabilities and promotes Michigan STEM and industry strengths. [Full Story]
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Michigan Robotics Day 2012 Will Spotlight CSE Research

Monday, April 9, Profs. Benjamin Kuipers and Edwin Olson will participate in the event's technology demonstrations. Prof. Kuipers will show his robotic wheelchair, and Prof. Olson will demonstrate his swarm of MAGIC robots along with the new "Car Lab" platform he is developing in conjunction with Prof. Ryan Eustice of NAME. [Full Story]
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