Room Scheduler Instructions

The EECS room scheduler is available for EECS use *ONLY*! These rooms are not available to other depeartments or groups.
If you are a part of the EECS community and need to make a reservation, please contact the administrative manager in your area.

How to reserve a room:

  • There are three ways to reserve a room:
    1. Select a date from one of the calendars,
    2. Click "Reserve a Room",
    3. Click "Periodic Reservations" (for multiple reservation dates).
  • If you used the calendar method, click on an "Open" time block.
  • Enter your EECS uniqname and password in the password box.
  • On the next page click on a "Finish" time block and/or complete the form below.
  • If there are no time conflicts you should quickly get a confirmation message.
  • Update by selecting the event or clicking "Edit or Cancel a Reservation".
Reservation Notes:
  • Reservations to 3725BBB are limited and may be bumped by the CSE Chair at any time.
  • Reservations to 3316EECS are limited and may be bumped by the ECE Chair at any time.