Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Erika Hauff
Address: 3820 Beyster
Phone: 734-647-4895,
Email: ejhauff@umich.edu
Computer Engineering
Title: CSE Research Process Manager

Jacob Hayward
Address: 2917 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: 734-763-9351,
Email: hayjacob@umich.edu
Central Staff
DCO Staff
Title: EECS Applications Programmer

Pilar Herrera-Fierro
Address: 1241 EECS
Phone: (734) 646-1399,
Email: pilarhf@umich.edu
Affilation: Lurie Nanofabrication Facility
Title: Supervisor LNF User Services

Danielle Hicks
Address: 3816 Beyster Bldg
Phone: 734-764-2951,
Email: hickdani@umich.edu
Affilation: Central Staff
Title: CSE Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

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Eric Hofesmann
Email: erichof@umich.edu
Affilation: Lab Staff
Title: ECE Engineer in Research Intermediate

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Dennis Holt
Address: 4316 EECS
Phone: (734) 763-1483,
Email: dholt@umich.edu
Affilation: DCO Staff
Title: Web Developer

Jennifer Honeycutt
Address: 2310 EECS
Phone: (734) 615-6364,
Email: ivleigh@umich.edu
Affilation: Central Staff
Title: Purchasing Associate Supervisor

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Jeffrey Horosko
Address: 2310 EECS
Phone: (734) 936-0795,
Email: jhorosko@umich.edu
Affilation: Central Staff
Title: ECE Purchasing Clerk

Robert William Hower
Address: 1234A EECS
Phone: (734) 827-4370,
Email: hower@umich.edu
Affilation: Lurie Nanofabrication Facility
Title: Lead Research Engineer - LNF User Services

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