Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Glenn Tarcea
Address: 4609 Beyster Bldg.
Phone: (734) 763-2548,
Email: gtarcea@umich.edu
Affilation: SSRL (Software)
Title: SSL Research Computer Specialist

Justin Tesmer
Address: 3917 BBB
Email: jtesmer@umich.edu
Affilation: AI (Artifical Intelligence)
Title: Research Project Engineer

Vanessa Thoburn
Address: 3808 Beyster
Phone: 734-764-4886,
Email: vsly@umich.edu
Affilation: AI (Artifical Intelligence)
Title: CSE Administrative Specialist

Sarah Turner
Address: 4808 Beyster Bldg
Phone: 734-747-1225 (Non-University) ,
Email: seturn@umich.edu
Affilation: SSRL (Software)
Title: Administrative Assistant to Prof. Kevin Fu

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Larry Tuttle
Address: 2214 EECS
Phone: 734-615-2325,
Email: lwtuttle@umich.edu
Affilation: SSEL (Solid-State)
Title: Industrial Liaison WIMS2 Center

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