CSE Staff

Adkins, Daniel 3808 Beyster 734-936-1312 CELAB Staff CSE Research Assistant to Prof. Trevor Mudge
Alberson, Laurel 3808 Beyster 734-764-4886 AI Staff Center for Conversational Agents Administrative Specialist
Anderson, Rose 2114-D EECS (734) 647-9798 SSEL Staff Graphic Designer
Assanie, Mazin 3844 Beyster... 763-0150 AI Staff AI Research Computer Specialist
Boltz, Christine 3824 Beyster 734-647-1355 CELAB Staff C-FAR Web Designer
DeMeulenaere, Shane 3912 Beyster AI Staff Research Project Engineer
DuPrie, Denise 3828 Beyster... (734) 763-1557 THEORY Staff CSE Research Administrator
Mann, Kimberly 3820 Beyster... 734-763-6985 INTERACTIVE_SYS Staff CSE Research Manager
Meyer, Joshua 2912 Beyster 734-763-6985 NONE Staff CSE Applications Developer
Straub, Tracie 3825 Beyster 734-763-1669 CELAB Staff C-FAR Administrative Assistant
Tarcea, Glenn 4609 Beyster... (734) 763-2548 SSRL Staff SSL Research Computer Specialist
Tesmer, Justin 3917 BBB AI Staff Research Project Engineer
Turner, Sarah 4808 Beyster... SSRL Staff Administrative Assistant to Prof. Kevin Fu
Total Staff Listed: 25

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