CSE Staff

Adkins, Daniel 3808 Beyster 734-936-1312 CELAB Staff CSE Research Assistant to Prof. Trevor Mudge
Aerts, William Off-site Off-site SSRL Staff Deputy Director, Archimedes Center
Anderson, Rose 2114-D EECS (734) 647-9798 SSEL Staff Graphic Designer
Assanie, Mazin 3844 Beyster... 763-0150 AI Staff AI Research Computer Specialist
Bollman, Robyn 3812 Beyster 734-764-4165 THEORY Staff CSE Research Administrator
Boltz, Christine 4812 Beyster 734-647-1355 CELAB Staff C-FAR Web Designer
Brooks, Ethan 3944 Beyster 734-763-1909 AI Staff CSE Software Engineer
Brooks-Britten, Stephanie 3808 Beyster 734-764-4886 AI Staff CSE Administrative Specialist
DuPrie, Denise 3828 Beyster... (734) 763-1557 THEORY Staff CSE Financial Specialist
Dzombak, Christopher 4828 Beyster... 734-763-3307 SSRL Staff CSE Research Area Specialist Lead
Erementchouk, Mikhail 2828 Beyster (734) 763-6632 CELAB Staff CSE Research Specialist
Fleming, Alfreda 4812 Beyster 734-763-1699 Temp Staff CSE Financial Assistant (Temporary)
Hauff, Erika 3820 Beyster 734-647-4895 Research_Admin Staff CSE Research Process Manager
Lundgard, Alan 4844 Beyster 734-763-3309 NONE Staff CSE Software Engineer
Melloni, Alice 4808 Beyster 734-936-8875 Temp Staff Administrative Assistant to Prof. Bertacco
Meyer, Joshua 2912 Beyster 734-763-6985 AI Staff CSE Applications Developer
O'Keefe, Stephanie 4808 Beyster... 734-647-1098 INTERACTIVE_SYS Staff CSE Research Area Specialist
Oberly, Kristina 3812 Beyster 734-936-2495 Research_Admin Staff CSE Research Administrator
Perretta, James 2917 Beyster... NA Central Staff CSE Instructional Learning Senior
Pollok, Falk 3929 Beyster 734-763-0699 AI Staff CSE Software Engineer
Stewart, Jack 3824 Beyster 734-647-8221 THEORY Staff CSE Research Administrator
Tarcea, Glenn 4609 Beyster... (734) 763-2548 SSRL Staff SSL Research Computer Specialist
Turner, Sarah 4808 Beyster... SSRL Staff Administrative Assistant to Prof. Kevin Fu
Total Staff Listed: 54

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