Applied Electromagnetics and RF Circuits

Applied Electromagnetics and RF Circuits photo
Applied electromagnetics plays an essential role in a variety of modern applications ranging from wireless technologies (communications), environmental concerns, life sciences, transportation, and others. Electromagnetic fundamentals are used in such applications either as a central element of the application or in support of the applications through phenomenological or technological relations. The Radiation Laboratory (Radlab) is a major academic and research unit within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The Radlab's reputation and sustained preeminence dates back to the end of World War II, and it is now a leading RF and electromagnetics laboratory with strong theoretical and experimental research, major laboratory facilities, and rich undergraduate and graduate curricula. We offer at least fourteen graduate courses in RF engineering and electromagnetics covering a wide range of analytical, experimental, and numerical topics. Faculty and staff of this laboratory perform research in all aspects of applied EM, including Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Circuits, MEMS Circuits, Antennas, Wave Propagation Studies for Wireless Applications, Scattering, Computational Electromagnetics, Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing, Plasma Electrodynamics, and EM Metamaterials. Currently, the Radlab staff consists of eight faculty, three research scientists, five post-doctoral fellows, forty-eight graduate student research assistants and three support staff. The Radiation Laboratory is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art microwave and millimeter-wave test equipment, anechoic chambers, near-field and far-field antenna measurement systems, EMC/EMI testing facilities, microwave and millimeter-wave fabrication facilities, polarimetric radar systems covering 0.1-210 GHz, and extensive computational facilities.


Advanced Electromagnetic Materials for RF and Microwave Applications
Computational Electromagnetics
Plasma Science and Engineering
Radio Frequency (RF), Microwave, and Millimeter-wave Circuits
Remote Sensing
Space Plasma Electro-Dynamics
Wave Propagation

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Afshari, Ehsan
England, Anthony W
Gilchrist, Brian E.
Grbic, Anthony
Kushner, Mark J.
Lee, Somin Eunice
Michielssen, Eric
Mortazawi, Amir
Nashashibi, Adib Y.
Sample, Alanson
Sarabandi, Kamal
Tsang, Leung
Ulaby, Fawwaz T.
Wentzloff, David D.

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