Theory of Computation

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The Theory Group at the University of Michigan conducts research, using the emphasis on mathematical technique and rigor typical of theoretical computer science, across many areas such as combinatorial optimization, data structures, cryptography, quantum computation, parallel and distributed computation, algorithmic game theory, graph theory, geometry, combinatorics, and energy efficiency. We investigate the value of tradeoffs among fundamental resources such as running time, storage space, randomness, communication, and energy, in both the classical and quantum senses.

Theory faculty and students work with others from the division, as well as faculty from Mathematics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Operations Engineering, Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Science, and elsewhere in the University.


Complexity Theory
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Massive Datasets
Optimizing Energy Consumption
Parallel and Distributed Computation
Quantum Information Processing
The Intersection of Computer Science and Economics

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CSE Faculty

Bansal, Nikhil
Baveja, Satinder Singh
Bodwin, Greg
Cheraghchi, Mahdi
Derezinski, Michal
Fish, Benjamin
Grubbs, Paul
Hu, Wei
Kutty, Sindhu
Lee, Euiwoong
Peikert, Christopher
Pettie, Seth
Saranurak, Thatchaphol
Stout, Quentin F.

ECE Faculty

Deotare, Parag
Kira, Mackillo