Integrated Circuits and VLSI

Research in analog integrated circuits includes low-power and high-precision sensor and actuator interface circuits, telecommunication and RF circuits, wireless telemetry, and high-speed analog-digital converters.

Research in VLSI digital circuits includes microprocessor and mixed signal (microcontroller) circuits, with emphasis on low-power and high-performance; computer-aided design, including logic synthesis, physical design, and design verification; testing and design for testability; advanced logic families and packaging; integrated circuit micro-architectures; and system integration.


Analog Circuits
Data converters
Digital circuits
Energy harvesting
Hardware DSP implementation
Low power circuits
RF circuits
Sensing systems

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ECE Faculty

Afshari, Ehsan
Aktakka, Ethem Erkan
Avestruz, Al-Thaddeus
Blaauw, David T.
Dick, Robert
Flynn, Michael P.
Hayes, John P.
Kim, Hun-Seok
Lee, Inhee
Mudge, Trevor
Najafi, Khalil
Sylvester, Dennis
Ulaby, Fawwaz T.
Wentzloff, David D.
Woo, Jong-Kwan
Yoon, Euisik
Zhang, Zhengya

CSE Faculty

Dick, Robert
Dreslinski, Ronald
Hayes, John P.
Mudge, Trevor

Courtesy Faculty

Gilbert, Anna C.


Kim, Gyouho
Kim, Yejoong
Saligane, Mehdi
Wadden, Jack