Integrated Circuits and VLSI

Research in analog integrated circuits includes low-power and high-precision sensor and actuator interface circuits, telecommunication and RF circuits, wireless telemetry, and high-speed analog-digital converters.

Research in VLSI digital circuits includes microprocessor and mixed signal (microcontroller) circuits, with emphasis on low-power and high-performance; computer-aided design, including logic synthesis, physical design, and design verification; testing and design for testability; advanced logic families and packaging; integrated circuit micro-architectures; and system integration.


Analog Circuits
Data converters
Digital circuits
Energy harvesting
Hardware DSP implementation
Low power circuits
RF circuits
Sensing systems

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ECE Faculty

Afshari, Ehsan
Aktakka, Ethem Erkan
Avestruz, Al-Thaddeus
Blaauw, David T.
Dick, Robert
Flynn, Michael P.
Hayes, John P.
Kim, Hun-Seok
Lee, Inhee
Najafi, Khalil
Sylvester, Dennis
Ulaby, Fawwaz T.
Wentzloff, David D.
Woo, Jong-Kwan
Yoon, Euisik
Zhang, Zhengya

CSE Faculty

Bertacco, Valeria
Blaauw, David T.
Dick, Robert
Dreslinski, Ronald
Hayes, John P.
Najafi, Khalil
Sylvester, Dennis

Courtesy Faculty

Gilbert, Anna C.


Kim, Gyouho
Kim, Yejoong
Saligane, Mehdi
Wadden, Jack