Chip Design, Architecture, and Emerging Devices

Chip Design, Architecture, and Emerging Devices photo
Research in chip design and architecture comprises a multidisciplinary group of researchers exploring theoretical, experimental, and applied aspects of silicon chip design, computer architecture and novel device technologies that may replace traditional CMOS transistors as the basic unit of computation.

The research in this space includes enabling solutions for advanced design, including computer-aided design algorithms and techniques, testing and digital design verification, including formal techniques, post-silicon validation and accelerator-based solutions. Further research in VLSI design investigates a wide range of topics and mixes applied research, supported by test chips and measurement results, with far reaching conceptual projects. In particular, the major topics currently under investigation include low-power design techniques, design for manufacturability (DFM), wire-centric design, clock-network synthesis, nanoscale CMOS mixed-signal design, and place and route physical design solutions.

Computer architecture research in addresses a broad range of issues of modern processors, from multi-core to massively parallel (e.g.: GPUs) and heterogeneous systems: memory management protocols, data movement solutions, design for programmability and deterministic behavior and in-memory computation. Moreover, computer architecture research explores novel solutions that leverage recent and novel technologies, including 3D stacking, silicon in package solutions (SiP) and novel transistor structures. In this context, the faculty working in this area are also exploring a range of aspects relating to novel silicon and non-silicon based devices that can form the basis for future computing systems.


Application-Specific Architectures
Compilers/OS - Synergy with Architectures
Design Verification and Validation
Electronic Design Automation
Logic Synthesis
Low-Power Design
Multi-Core and Parallel Systems
Quantum Design Automation
Quantum Information Processing
Reliabile Circuits and Systems
Runtime Correctness
Trusted Computing and Intellectual Property Protection
Verification, Testing, and Physical Design
VLSI Design

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CSE Faculty

Austin, Todd
Bertacco, Valeria
Brehob, Mark
Chen, Peter M.
Das, Reetuparna
Dick, Robert
Dreslinski, Ronald
Mahlke, Scott
Manerkar, Yatin
Mars, Jason
Mazumder, Pinaki
Mozafari, Barzan
Narayanasamy, Satish
Sakallah, Karem A.
Talati, Nishil
Tang, Lingjia
Tzimpragos, Georgios

ECE Faculty

Austin, Todd
Blaauw, David T.
Deotare, Parag
Dick, Robert
Kira, Mackillo
Mazumder, Pinaki
Sakallah, Karem A.
Zhang, Zhengya