Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are combinations of physical processes and embedded computers that collect data from these processes through sensors and that control these processes in a closed loop manner. Sensor-/information-rich networked cyber-physical systems, from air traffic or energy networks to smart buildings and autonomous vehicles, are getting tightly integrated into our daily lives. As such, their safety-criticality increases. We develop fundamental theories and associated algorithmic tools for the design and operation of safe, resilient and adaptive cyber-physical systems. Areas of expertise include novel architectures for control and diagnosis of complex CPS, security and privacy, correct-by-construction control synthesis, decentralized decision making for CPS and their applications in engineering and understanding of societal scale systems.

ECE Faculty

Freudenberg, James S.
Grizzle, Jessy W
Lafortune, Stephane
Mathieu, Johanna
Ozay, Necmiye

CSE Faculty

Noble, Brian

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