Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Welcome to the EECS Undergraduate Advising Office!

CSE Location:
2808 Beyster Building
Phone: (734) 763-6563
Email: ugadmin@eecs.umich.edu

ECE Location:
3415 EECS Building
Phone: (734) 763-2305
Email: eceadvising@umich.edu

Advising Hours:
Monday - Friday
9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm

Scheduling Appointments

The EECS Undergraduate Advising Office offers an appointment scheduler so you can set up an advising appointment at any time. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to call either office location (see contact info above). Both EECS Undergraduate Advising Offices are open and staffed every day from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Our faculty advisors generally adhere to specific schedules.

How do I declare an EECS major?

The process is actually pretty simple. Once you meet the CoE declaration requirements, set up an appointment with an advisor in the major you'd like to declare (CE, CS-Eng, DS-Eng, or EE). During your appointment, we'll discuss the program and complete your declaration paperwork on the spot. It's as easy as that!

Which Undergraduate Advising Office should I visit?

The staff at both offices are happy to answer your general questions or provide you with referrals for resources. For advising appointments:

  • Computer Science and Data Science students will visit 2808 BBB
  • Electrical Engineering students will visit the office in 3415 EECS
  • Computer Engineering students may choose from advisors in either location.

Who can meet with an Undergraduate Advisor?

  • All declared EECS students (preferably at least once a term!)
  • Any University of Michigan student with questions about Computer Engineeing, Computer Computer Science, Data Science, or Electrical Engineering
  • Students not enrolled in the University of Michigan who are considering transferring or applying (The best place to start that process is the College of Engineering Undergraduate Admissions-- set up an appointment with the College and come see us after your tour!)

Reasons to schedule an appointment with an advisor:

  • Declare or change your major
  • Learn more about EECS programs
  • Make sure you're on track for graduation and fulfilling the program requirements
  • Get help choosing classes for future semesters
  • Discuss academics or difficulties with campus life
  • Learn about any new program policies or requirements

How often should I meet with an advisor?

You should meet with an advisor at least once a semester to make sure that you are on track for graduation. We also like to touch base with you to make sure you are happy with your progress and to assess your satisfaction with your experiences thus far.

Many routine questions may also be answered by checking the appropriate College bulletin or other course information.

Faculty Advisors:

Computer Engineering (CE)

Mark Brehob - CE Chief Program Advisor
Many questions may be answered by referring to: Course & Bulletin Information
Email your CE Advising Questions

Laura Balzano
Jason Corso
Robert Dick
Matthew Hicks
Jason Mars

Computer Science - College of Engineering (CSE)

Peter Chen - CS-Eng. Chief Program Advisor
Many questions may be answered by referring to: Course & Bulletin Information
Email your CS-Eng. Advising Questions

Michael Cafarella
David Chesney
Jia Deng
Jeremy Gibson
Alex Halderman
Honglak Lee
Rada Mihalcea
David Paoletti
Jeff Ringenberg
Yaoyun Shi
Martin Strauss

Computer Science - College of LSA (CS-LSA & CS-Minor)

Ed Durfee - CS-LSA Chief Program Advisor
Many questions may be answered by referring to: Course & Bulletin Information
Email your CS-LSA & CS-Minor Advising Questions

Marcus Darden
Drew DeOrio
Mary Lou Dorf (LSA Liaison)
Georg Essl
Seth Pettie

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Kim Winick - EE Chief Program Advisor
Many questions may be answered by referring to: Course & Bulletin Information
Email your EE Advising Questions

Heath Hofmann (Power, Circuits)
P.C. Ku (Optics, Solid-State)
Mark Kushner (Electromagnetics, MEMS)
Semyon Meerkov (Controls)
Mina Rais-Zadeh (MEMS)
Steve Rand (Optics)
Clayton Scott (Signal and Image Processing)
Wayne Stark (Communications and Signal Processing)
Greg Wakefield (Signal and Image Processing)
Dave Wentzloff (Circuits)
Zhaohui Zhong (Solid-State)

Advising Office Staff:

EECS Undergraduate Advising Office
CSE Division Student Services Asst.
Suzi March
2808 BBB; Phone: (734) 763-6563
CSE and CS-LSA Program Coordinator Christine Firlik
2808 BBB
EECS Undergraduate Advising Office
ECE Division Student Services Asst.
Teresa Clayton
3415 EECS; Phone: (734) 763-2305
EE and CE Advising Coordinator Catie Lenaway
3415 EECS