Optics and Photonics Lab


faculty photo Bhattacharya, Pallab
Charles M. Vest Distinguished University Professor; James R. Mellor Professor of Engineering
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Professor of Applied Physics (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 2306 EECS
Email: pkb @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-6678
Research Interests: Molecular beam epitaxy, low-dimensional quantum confined systems, quantum dot lasers and detectors, optoelectronic integrated circuits, spintronic devices.
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Cundiff, Steven
Harrison M Randall Collegiate Professor of Physics
Professor of ECE
Division: ECE
Address: 450 Church St.
Email: cundiff @ umich.edu
Phone: 734-764-4437
faculty photo Fessler, Jeffrey A.   
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Professor of Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Radiology (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 4431 EECS
Email: fessler @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-1434
Research Interests: Statistical signal and image processing; Tomographic imaging; Parameter estimation; Inverse problems in optical imaging including digital holography, polarimetry, and THz imaging
faculty photo Forrest, Stephen R.   
Paul G. Goebel Professor of Engineering
Professor of Physics, Materials Science & Engineering, and Applied Physics (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 2238 EECS
Email: stevefor @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-1147
Research Interests: Organic Electronics, Photonic Integrated Circuits, Photonic Materials
faculty photo Galvanauskas, Almantas
Division: ECE
Address: 6102 ERB I
Email: almantas @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 615-7166
Research Interests: Fiber optics, fiber lasers and amplifiers, ultrafast lasers and amplifiers, nonlinear optics, electrically poled ferroelectric materials, semiconductor lasers, integrated optics
faculty photo Goldman, Rachel S.
Professor, Materials Science Engineering
Professor of ECE (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 2094 H.H. Dow
Email: rsgold @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-6821
Research Interests: My research involves investigations of structure-property relationships in thin films and heterostructures.
faculty photo Guo, L. Jay   
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Professor (courtesy), Applied Physics; Macromolecular Science & Eng.; Mechanical Eng.
Division: ECE
Address: 2304 EECS
Email: guo @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-7718
Research Interests: Polymer-based photonic devices and sensor applications, organic and hybrid photovoltaics, plasmonic nanophotonics/metamaterials, nanomanufacturing technologies and applications.
faculty photo Islam, Mohammed N.   
Professor, EECS
Professor of Internal Medicine and Biomedical Engineering (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 2401 EECS
Email: mni @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-9700
Research Interests: His current research interests include mid-infrared laser sources and their applications in fiber-to-the-home, advanced semiconductor process control, combustion monitoring, infrared counter-measures, chemical sensing and bio-medical selective laser ablation. Another area of this current work relates to ultra-high resolution imaging of automobile parts, such as transmissions. He also has on-going work in modulators and new architectures for fiber to the home systems.
faculty photo Ku, Pei-Cheng (P.C.)
Associate Professor
Division: ECE
Address: 2245 EECS
Email: peicheng @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 764-7134
Research Interests: Optoelectronic devices and materials
faculty photo Kushner, Mark J.   
George I. Haddad Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Director, Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering
Professor of NERS, Chemical Eng, and Applied Physics (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 2236 EECS
Email: mjkush @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-8148
Research Interests: Plasma science and technology: materials processing, propulsion, lasers, electromagnetics, plasma chemistry, microelectronics/MEMS fabrication, polymer funtionalization, biocompatibility
faculty photo Lee, Somin Eunice
Assistant Professor, EECS
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 2243 EECS
Email: sleee @ umich.edu
Phone: 734-764-7054
Research Interests: Use of nanoscale-dependent properties to enable unique spatial and temporal capabilities needed for quantification in bioscience and medicine; Areas of expertise include plasmonics, nanophotonics, bionanotechnologies.
faculty photo Merlin, Roberto
Peter A. Franken Collegiate Professor of Physics
Professor of ECE (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 4239 Randall Lab
Email: merlin @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-9759
Research Interests: Inelastic light scattering, ultrafast lasers, coherent optical phenomena, low dimensional semiconductor structures, superconductors, magnetic materials
faculty photo Norris, Theodore B.   
Gerard A. Mourou Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Director, Center for Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials (C-PHOM)
Professor of Applied Physics (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 6117 ERB I
Email: tnorris @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 764-9269
Research Interests: Research interests include application of femtosecond optical techniques to the physics of semiconductor nanostructures, in developing new ultrafast optical and optoelectronic measurement techniques, THz generation and measurement, plasmonics in nanostructures, and novel methods for biological imaging and in vivo sensing.
faculty photo Phillips, Jamie D.   
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, EECS
Associate Chair of Undergraduate ECE Affairs
Professor of Applied Physics (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 2405 EECS
Email: jphilli @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 764-4157
Research Interests: Compound semiconductor and oxide materials for electronic and optoelectronic devices.
faculty photo Rand, Stephen
Professor, EECS
Director, Center for Dynamic Magneto-Optics (DYNAMO)
Professor of Applied Physics and Physics (courtesy)
Division: ECE
Address: 3102 ERB I
Email: scr @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-6810
Research Interests: Solid-state laser materials, Laser spectroscopy, Optical physics, Condensed matter physics, Optical magnetism, and Optical refrigeration, Upconversion and fiber lasers.
faculty photo Steel, Duncan   
Robert J. Hiller Professor, EECS
Professor of Physics, Applied Physics, and Biophysics Program (courtesy)
Senior Research Scientist, Inst. of Gerontology
Division: ECE
Address: 3117 ERB I
Email: dst @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 764-2386
Research Interests: Laser spectroscopy, Optical physics, Condensed matter physics, Biophysics, Quantum Computing.
faculty photo Willingale, Louise
Assistant Professor
Division: ECE
Address: 6106 ERB-1
Email: wlouise @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-4980
Research Interests: Laser-driven ion acceleration, relativistic laser propagation through underdense and near-critical density plasmas, and proton radiography to study electric and magnetic fields generated during the laser-plasma interactions.
faculty photo Winful, Herbert   
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Division: ECE
Address: 3106 ERB
Email: arrays @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-1804
Research Interests: Nonlinear optics and photonics; Fiber laser arrays; Nonlinear periodic structures; Tunneling time; Nanophotonics
faculty photo Winick, Kim A.
Division: ECE
Address: 4423 EECS
Email: winick @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 764-5203
Research Interests: Glass/Crystal Integrated Optics, Photonics, Communication, Information Theory, Quantum Information, History of Science
faculty photo Yanovsky, Victor
Research Scientist
Division: ECE
Address: 1014 ERB I
Email: vpy @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-0971
Research Interests: He directs the HERCULES laser - the highest intensity laser in the world, and is interested in high intensity laser physics, ultrahigh-intensity intensity interactions with solids, particle acceleration and X-ray generation in laser-matter interaction
faculty photo Zhong, Zhaohui
Associate Professor
Division: ECE
Address: 2241 EECS
Email: zzhong @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-1953
Research Interests: Nanoelectronics and nanophotonics, microwave and terahertz frequency nanoelectronics, solar cell technology, chemical and biological sensing, nanomaterial synthesis.

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