Computer Science Pragmatics

WN 2024

This is a 1-credit hour seminar designed to teach students the essentials of using a computer effectively for EECS students. While the target audience is EE/CE/CS/DS students, any student wishing to learn how to use their computer more effectively is encouraged to join. Students are expected to be familiar with basic concepts of programming, such as control flow (e.g. if-else, loops, functions) and expressing their ideas in program statements. Topics covered include Unix-like systems, shells, version control, build systems, debugging, and scripting. The ultimate goal of the class is to give students hands on experience with the prevailing tools of the trade as well cultivate research skills for picking up new tools in an ever-evolving computing landscape.


  • ENGR 101 , ENGR 151 , EECS 180 , EECS 183 , EECS 280 (co-enroll) , or EECS 281 (co-enroll)

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